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OPRA CURSO DE INGLES JUVENIL > Bogota 6362911 > La Castellana CEDRITOS ModeliaEstudia Inglés en OPRA, con un programa para jóvenes de 9 a 16 años.

Connect Second Edition is a fun, four-level, multi-skills American English course written and designed specifically for young adolescents.

Motivation is encouraged through high-interest topics and lively activities.

Theme Projects help students to connect their English to the world outside the classroom.

The Student's Book includes:

  • 32 lessons in each level.
  • Logra tus niveles A1, A2, y B1 (Marco Común Europeo)
  • New Get Connected lessons, which give students an opportunity to consolidate the language they are learning.
  • A new, easy-to-use layout and design.
  • Two full mini-review pages per lesson.
  • Revised Theme Projects, which enable students to use the unit language in a new and meaningful way.

Additional support includes:

  • Updated cultural notes, one quiz per unit, and Extra Practice worksheets in the Teacher's Edition.
  • A new set of Extra Grammar Activities and Extra Readings on the Connect Teacher Support Site.
  • Word Lists, Verb Lists, Placement Tests, Unit Tests, Oral Quizzes, and Learning Logs on the Connect Teacher Support Site.

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